• Innovation Commission News
 • December 5, 2023
  • Innovation Commission News
 December 5, 2023

COP28: Innovation Commission to Support Innovations to Build Food System Resilience

On December 10, the Innovation Commission is set to participate in the event Supporting Innovation to Build Food System Resilience Across Landscapes and Waterscapes, co-hosted by the MRR Innovation Lab at the University of California at Davis. The event will showcase examples of cost-effective innovations with the potential to improve the food security and climate-adaptivity of vulnerable farmers worldwide.

Recognizing the importance of climate action, the event emphasizes the need for innovative tools that strengthen the capacity of vulnerable rural households, and the value chains they rely on, to withstand adverse climate conditions and allow for transformative investments to build more sustainable and resilient livelihoods. By focusing on developing, testing, and funding financial and agricultural innovations thoughtfully tailored and combined to reduce climate risks and build stable, adaptive value chains, we all, together, can fortify the resilience of smallholder farmers and pastoralists, creating a pathway toward a more climate-resilient future

The agenda of the event includes the following innovations:

  • Improved weather and seasonal forecasts for climate resilience
  • Bundling genetic and financial technologies for resilient agriculture
  • People-centric innovations that promote the diversification of systems and diets that connect land and water
  • Social innovations and best practices to strengthen value chains in the face of climate shocks

Date, Time, and Location

  • Sunday, December 10th, 2023
  • 10:30 am UAE
  • Blue Zone TA1-125 (live streaming available)


  • Dina Esposito, USAID
  • Michael Kremer, University of Chicago
  • Shakuntala Thilsted, CGIAR/WorldFish
  • Keivan Hamoud, ASSOAB-Brazil
  • Michael Carter, University of California, Davis


This session is part of the COP28 Resilience Hub programming. To learn more about this event and other Resilience Hub COP28 programming please click here.

To livestream the event, please click here

COP28: Innovation Commission to Support Innovations to Build Food System Resilience